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4th Quarter 2010

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The IO Journal is the official publication of the Information Operations (IO) Institute, a Special Interest Group of the Association of Old Crows (AOC), an independent, nonprofit, international professional association promoting public understanding in the science and practice of Information Operations and related disciplines.

 The AOC's 13,500+ members read the IO Journal for its intelligent coverage and insightful analysis of industry news and trends.

The IO Journal reports on industry news, technology trends and other developments in the global Information Operations and related markets. The IO Journal’s IO coverage includes traditional IO, information warfare, cyber warfare, strategic communication, public diplomacy, marketing, advertising, religion, language and command, control warfare (C2W) and related fields. 

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  • Vol 2, Issue 3, 3rd Quarter 2010(.pdf Version) IOJ_V2_I3

    • Narrative as an Influence Factor in Information Operations
      By Amy Zalman, PhD, SAIC
    • 21st Century Electronic Warfare
      By Robert J. Elder, Jr., Lt Gen, USAF (Ret.)
    • Understanding Local Actor Bases of Power
      By Patrick D. Allen, COL, USAR (Ret.),  PhD
    • Assessing Operations: MOP and MOE Development
      By John A. Tokar, Strategic Planner, Booz Allen Hamilton
    • The Value of Values for IO, SC, INTEL
      By Christine A.R. MacNulty, FRSA, President & CEO, Applied Futures
    • Information Strategy and Effective National Power
      By James P. Farwell, JD, DCMS, Political Strategist, The Farwell Group
  •  Volume 2, Issue 2: 2nd Quarter 2010 (24.4 MB)


    • Computers as Weapons of War
      By John Bumgarner, CTO, U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit
    • Burn the Books: What's China's Decision on Google Reveals about the PRC
      By Carson Thomas Checketts, JD
    • Active Defense of Corporate Information Systems
      By Matthew Borton and Samuel Liles, Purdue University Calumet
    • "Why do I need to understand Information Employment?"
      By Jason Knowles, Maj, USAF
    • Some Misconceptions Regarding Information Operations
      By Michael J. Dominique, COL, USA
    • Electronic Warfare and Cyber Operations: Where is the Convergence?
      By Laurie M. Buckhout, COL, USA
    • DIME is for Integration: Strategic Communications as an Integration of National Power
      By Beau Hendricks, Randall Wennner, and Warren Weaver, MAJ's, USA
  •  Vol 2, Issue 1: 1st Quarter 2010 (mislabelled Vol 1, Issue 4 on cover)


    • The Battle for the Information Domain
      By Major Rob Sentse and Major Arno Storm, Royal Netherlands Army
    • The Emerging Battlespace of Cyberwar: The Legal Framework and Policy Issues
      By James P. Farwell, JD, DCMS, Political Strategist, The Farwell Group
    • Applying Deterrence in Cyberspace
      By Kevin R. Beeker, Robert F. Mills, and Michael R. Grimaila
    • The Four Strategies of Information Warfare and their Applications
      By Carlo Kopp, PhD
    • Information Security Within DOD Supply Chains
      By Brain A. Salmans, Lt Col, USAF
    • Field of Dreams
      By Tom "TCL" Curby-Lucier, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)
  • Vol 1, Issue 3: 4th Quarter 2009


    • Harmony & Chaos: The Principles of China’s Unrestricted Warfare
      By Carson Thomas Checketts, J.D.
    • China’s Public Diplomacy Institution: Its Development, Challenges and Prospects of Its Practice
      By Dr. Zhang Zhexin
    • Information Operations: Not Just a Set of Capabilities
      By Michael L. Williams and Marc J. Romanych
    • A Short History of Religious Leader Engagement Operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom
      By John Proctor, MSG, USA
    • Book Review
      Ideas as Weapons: Influence and Perception in Modern Warfare.
      By Edgar A. Jimenez, MAJ, US Army
  • Vol 1, Issue 2: 3rd Quarter 2009


    • IO Focus
      Chris Stewart, Senior Director for Defense and Intelligence Programs, Gallup
      By Bill Canter
    • Information Operations: Where Has It Gone?
      By Nicoline K. Jaramillo
    • Recommendations Regarding the Information Component of Power for the 2009 National Security Strategy
      By Simon R. Goerger, LTC, USA, Ph.D.
    • Lessons to be Learned from a Recent Network Infrastructure Attack
      By L. Scott Johnson and Toni Whyte
    • Perceptions, Values and Motivations in Cyberspace
      By Christine A.R. MacNulty, FRSA
  • Vol 1, Issue 1, 2nd Quarter 2009


    • Barriers to Entry: Are They Lower for Cyber Warfare?
      By Dorothy E. Denning
    • The Role of Background Conversations, Culture and a Harmonized Communications Strategy in Effecting Change
      By Roberta-diane Perna, Ph.D.
    • Talking the Talk: Why Warfighters Don’t Understand Information Operations
      By Dennis M. Murphy
    • Political and Technical Roadblocks to Cyber Attack Attribution 
    • By Jeff Wozniak and Prof. Samuel Liles, Purdue University Calumet
    • PSYOP in the Age of Inter-Consciousness
      By Clay Wilson, PhD, CISSP
    • Information Related Terms, Trends and Myths
      By Garry J. Beavers and F. H. “Skip” Allison

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