The Future Leaders in Experience-based Engineering and Technology (FLEET) Challenge 

Students participating at the 3rd Annual STEM exhibit will get a chance to participate in a challenge to get a $1000 grant money for their high school. This year AOC is partnering with American Society of Naval Engineers(ASNE) to bring you the Future Leaders in Experience-based Engineering and Technology (FLEET) challenge. FLEET is a web-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competition. FLEET utilizes the youth friendly model of gamification to engage high school students in naval ship design and enables them to apply the real-life applications of STEM. Working individually or in groups, students compete via a web-based platform to complete several scenarios faced by naval engineers on a daily basis in the field. The entire competition occurs online.

The first ten high schools that participate in the challenge will receive a grant for $1000 from ASNE. The purpose of the grant is to support teachers who seek to enhance classroom learning for their students. Funds may be used to offset the costs for schools with limited access to technology, cover additional educator hours to staff afterschool clubs, or other needs as identified by the school.

AOC is committed to giving your students an unforgettable experience, we have a lot of interactive activities that the students will get a chance to touch and play with. Because an interactive activity takes time we are only allowing 600 students to participate. The grant money and the acceptance is by first come first served system. Please let us know if you are interested in attending and how many students you will be bringing before we close the registration.

If you are interested in applying for the grant please email Blain at 


Below is a trailer of all of the FLEET missions; check out the Navatek STEM YouTube channel for more videos.