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As part of the AOC's role an independent, nonprofit, international professional association promoting public understanding in the science and practice of EW, SIGINT and related disciplines, AOC publications provide serious journalism and access to resources that support the industry and its goals.
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JED, The Journal of Electronic Defense
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The Journal of Electronic Defense (JED) is the official monthly magazine of the AOC. The AOC's 13,000+ members read JED for its intelligent coverage and insightful analysis of industry news and trends.
The Journal of Electronic Defense (JED) reports on industry news, technology trends and other developments in the global electronic warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) market. JED’s EW coverage includes self-protection systems, improvised explosive device (IED) countermeasures, airborne electronic attack and command and control warfare (C2W). The JED staff also writes about strategic and tactical SIGINT programs, including electronic intelligence (ELINT) and communications intelligence (COMINT) systems associated with submarines, surface vessels, ground vehicles, airborne reconnaissance platforms and space-based collection systems.
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eCrow Newsletter

eCrow is the weekly electronic newsletter highlighting AOC news and events. This includes upcoming conferences and courses, other AOC events, as well as those of interest to EW professionals, news about members and chapters, and key news stories impacting the EW industry. eCrow gives members a timely, weekly look into the information they need to know now.
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AOC EW/Sigint Online Resource Guide
ew sigint online resource guide

The EW/SIGINT Resource Guide is the AOC's online guidebook to companies in the EW and SIGINT marketplace. This site details which companies make certain products, ranging from systems to components, and is searchable by a number of criteria, from type of product to company location. This is the ultimate guide for understanding how the industry works and which companies provide which products at different levels of the supply chain.
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IO Journal 
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Currently inactive.
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