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The Institute/University membership program helps to increase the awareness of electronic defense in both government and industry. Institute/University members receive free individual memberships, reduced rates for exhibit space, conferences, and professional development courses. They are also featured in an annual issue of the JED.

Institute/University Professional Benefits.

  • Strengthened industry/association/government coalition
  • Nonpartisan government relations
  • Highly ethical forum for free exchange of information
  • Expanded participation in professional activities
  • Valuable professional contacts in industry and government
  • Increased exposure to defense electronics marketplace
  • Priority exhibit space and banquet table assignment

Institute/University Financial Benefits

  • Opportunity to designate key employees for AOC membership
  • Reduced rates for exhibit space at national convention
  • Free company narrative in the Journal of Electronic Defense (JED) when you join and annually thereafter
  • SUSTAINING company CEO and company/association contact person photographs published in the JED with the company narrative
  • Names of Industry members will appear in each issue of JED
  • Industry sponsored members receive discounts for professional development courses, and technical symposia


Institute/University Member Type (Any Size)
Price - $1,500
Sponsored Members - 25

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Join as an Instittute/University Memebrs Now

Please contact Glorianne O'Neilin (oneilin@crows.rog) at 703-549-1600 with any questions concerning membership

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