Welcome to the Frozen Crow Chapter


Welcome to the Frozen Crows Chapter of the Association of Old Crows (AOC,) located in Fairbanks, Alaska less than 120 miles south of the 
Arctic Circle.This chapter is dedicated to educating, advocating and promoting Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Operations (IO), Cyber Electromagnetic activities (CEMA), Cyber Warfare, Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations in the defense of our great country. Our chapters of EW professionals support the goals andobjectives of the Association of Old Crows. The Frozen Crows are the veryfirst AOC chapter in the great state of Alaska.“The name “Old Crows” emerged from the first large-scale use of ElectronicWarfare during the WWII Battle of Britain and the US and allied bombing raids over Europe. The Allied Radar Countermeasure operators used the code name “Ravens” and employed receivers and transmitters to monitor and jamthreat frequencies. Military jargon later changed “Ravens”to “Crows.”