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Press Coverage from the 54th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention


November 28, 2017

Air Force Launches Major Electronic Warfare Study: VCSAF
Colin Clark, Breaking Defense

B-21 Raider Headed Toward Critical Design Review, RCO Says
James Drew, Aviation Week

U.S. Air Force Embarking On Electronic Warfare Study
James Drew, Aviation Week

Air Force to stand up electronic warfare ECCT by the end of the year
Courtney Albon, Inside Defense

Air Force Team To Study Future Needs For Electronic Warfare (paywall)
Marc Selinger, Defense Daily

Air Force Eyes Next-Gen Electronic Warfare
Oriana Pawlyk, Military.com / DefenseTech

Open Standards Key To Future Army Electronic Warfare Capability
Dan Parsons, Defense Daily 

November 29, 2017

Spectrum (EW) Should Be A Warfighting Domain: Rep. Bacon
Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense

Australian Defense Forces Ready To Wage Information Warfare
James Drew, Aviation Week

U.S. Wargame Highlights Role of Commercial Space Imagery in Military Conflicts
Sandra Erwin, Space News

November 30, 2017

No $ For New B-52 Engines Til 2020; Nuke Modernization Moves Ahead: Gen. Rand
Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense

Air Force leaders launch new electronic warfare research
Armin Haracic, C4ISRNET

December 1, 2017

Drone Sighting At Air Force Bomber Base Shows Need For Defenses, General Says 
Marc Selinger, Defense Daily

December 4, 2017 +

USAF General on Countering North Korea: ‘The Enemy Has Closed the Gap’
Patrick Tucker, Defense One

Congressman: Electronic Warfare should be a warfighting domain
Jon Dougherty, Forward Observer

AOEW Pod Expected for Production About 2020
Richard R. Burgess, SEA POWER

Old Crows Flock to DC for 54th Convention
Gary Lerude, Microwave Journal