Support during the start-up of a chapter:
  1. Assist in getting information out about interest in a New Chapter ( Email, Mail, ECROW)
  2. Approve Chapter By-Laws
  3. $200 Dollars is given to assist with the chapter start-up
  4. Send recruitment materials (brochures, magazines, flyer's)
  5. Send welcome packets and emails to new Chapter Presidents
  6. Inform Regional Director of the new chapter and chapter president.
  7. Welcome new chapter and chapter president in ECROW
Support once a chapter is started
  1. Monthly reports are available on-line (Roster, New Members, Suspended Members, Chapter News Letter)
  2. Chapter Presidents only section
  3. Host chapter web-sites at no cost
  4. Advertise chapter news in the JED AOC News section and in ECROW
  5. Elections assistance ( Help create ballots and or set up on-line elections)
  6. File Chapter Financial Report with the IRS
  7. Hold Liability Insurance for Chapter Meetings
  8. Inform Chapter Presidents of Individuals that are Non-member attendees at our conferences so that they can invite them to their next meeting.
  9. Inform Regional Director of a Chapter President change
  10. Email and Call chapters to remind them when specific reports are due.
  11. Send recruitment materials, Brochures, magazines ect.